Инструменты для сбора и анализа данных Твиттера

An overview of tools for 2017

Tool OS Get it Platforms*
Audiense Web-based https://buy.audiense.com/trial/new (offers 14 day trial) Twitter
Boston University Twitter Collection and Analysis Toolkit (BU-TCAT) Web-based http://www.bu.edu/com/research/bu-tcat Twitter
Chorus Windows (Desktop advisable) http://chorusanalytics.co.uk/chorus/request_download.php (free) Twitter
COSMOS Project Windows; MAC OS X http://socialdatalab.net/software (free) Twitter
DiscoverText Web-based http://discovertext.com (3 day trial) Twitter; Facebook;
Blogs; Forums; Online news platforms
Echosec Web-based https://www.echosec.net Instagram; Twitter;
Foursquare; Panoramio;
AIS Shipping; Sina Weibo; Flickr; YouTube; VK
Followthehashtag Web-based http://www.followthehashtag.com Twitter
IBM Bluemix Web-based https://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/bluemix Twitter
Mozdeh Windows (Desktop advisable) http://mozdeh.wlv.ac.uk/installation.html Twitter
Netlytic Web-based https://netlytic.org Twitter; Facebook; YouTube;
Instagram; RSS Feed
NodeXL Windows http://nodexl.codeplex.com Twitter; YouTube; Flicker
NVivo Windows; Mac http://www.qsrinternational.com/product Twitter
Pulsar Social Web-based http://www.pulsarplatform.com Twitter; Facebook topic data;
Online blogs
SocioViz Web-based http://socioviz.net Twitter
Social Elephants Web-based https://socialelephants.com/en/ Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; YouTube
Trendsmap Web-based https://www.trendsmap.com Twitter
Twitonomy Web-based http://www.twitonomy.com Twitter
Twitter Arching Google Spreadsheet (TAGS) Web-based https://tags.hawksey.info Twitter
Visibrain Web-based http://www.visibrain.com Twitter
Webometric Analyst Windows http://lexiurl.wlv.ac.uk Twitter (with image extraction capabilities); YouTube; Flickr;
Mendeley; Other web resources

*It is always best to check with the developers of tools as there may be additional platforms that they can access. Moreover, some tools provide users with the ability of importing data into the applications from external sources.

A number of the tools provided in the table above have been tested and used by me over a number of years, and the vast majority of these chiefly handle data from Twitter. It would be nice to have academic and social listening tools to retrieve data from other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, and also dark social media platforms such as WhatsApp. However, this may not be possible because these applications are not likely to provide all of their data to developers as Twitter does. Moreover, there may be ethical implications of accessing data from dark social media platforms.

Other applications are available but these require programming knowledge and have not being rigorously tested as part of this post. These include:

Moreover, there are a number of advanced data analysis and statistical applications which can be used to analyse social media data, such as:

Дополнительно: Ryerson University’s list of tools from its Social Media Lab.


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